Go Green

What is Wet Cleaning?

Instead of chemicals, the wet cleaning method uses temperature-controlled water, sophisticated computer-controlled machines, years and years of experience, and gentle detergents to get your clothes clean. So why does water work so much better than chemicals? It’s because 85% of stains on clothes are water-soluble, and will simply wash away in water. About 5-10% of stains are oil-soluble, and for these we only need a soft detergent and water. Anything else is a permanent stain, and won’t come out, no matter how many kinds of chemicals are used. 

But My Tags Say “Dry Clean Only!”

When your clothes say “Dry Clean Only,” the manufacturer wasn’t saying that you must only take your clothes to the dry cleaners…it’s telling you that there’s no good way for you to wash your clothes at home. Home and laundry mat washers and dryers treat your clothes too roughly…your best outfits would fade, tear and wear out much too quickly if you washed them at home. But with the wet cleaning method, you’ll get clothes that are not only handled gently and cleaned with care, but that also feel better, smell fresher, and are healthier for you and the environment.

We do all of our cleaning in-house!

Believe it or not, most dry cleaners actually ship your clothes to somebody else to clean them. We don’t think that’s right! Every garment is personally cleaned in-house, using the highest amount of care and attention. You’ll never have to worry about misplaced clothes, inattention to details, or who is handling your favorite garments.