Red Red Wine and Other Stain Tips from Sylvia…

September 27th, 2011 by Sylvia's Dry Cleaning

At Sylvia’s, we know stains. Whether it’s blood, mud, or our favorite — red wine — the number one thing you can do when it happens is to immediately BLOT the stain — do not rub, or you will merely make it worse. Despite the old wives tales about club soda, a paper towel dampened with plain water is fine. Be sure to put a towel behind the stain, then begin blotting. If the garment is a”Dry Clean Only” or requires special care, the faster you bring it into us, the better the chance we can eradicate it with our enzyme solutions.

However, here’s a DIY tip for fabrics suited to a “home remedy”:

  • Blot the stain immediately with paper towels
  • Combine 1 teaspoon laundry soap or pretreatment (or dish soap, like Dawn) and 1 cup hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl.
  • Soak a clean sponge in the mixture, squeeze it halfway dry, then gently blot the stain.
  • Place a dry towel or washcloth between the front and back of the garment if the stain has not penetrated through to the back of the fabric. This will prevent staining on the back of the material.
  • Review the washing instructions on the label of the fabric. Heed any special care instructions.
  • Wash in cool water and air dry if the fabric is machine-washable.
  • Wash gently in the sink with a mild detergent if the fabric is hand-wash only.