Wedding Gown Preservation

Who can save your day — and your dress — to cherish forever? Sylvia can!

Bring in your bridal gown to have our professionals analyze the fabric, beading, and other details to determine how to best clean it. The cleaning process often begins with the hem because it is usually the most soiled. We hand scrub and spot clean problem areas, including stains from grass, mud, makeup and wine.

After the dress is cleaned and either steamed or pressed, we fold it and place it in an acid-free archival chest with a display window. Sometimes, accessories, such as veils and garters are cleaned and preserved as well. Then, the package is returned to you.

Brides who consider wedding gown preservation either want to keep their dress as an heirloom to be passed down to future generations, or they want to resell it. Some want it as a keepsake for themselves or will eventually make it into a Christening outfit or baby bedding for their children. Save your memories and your investment by saving your dress!

Leather and Suede

Who will love your leather? Sylvia will!

Trust the team at Sylvia’s to clean and renew your leather and suede APPAREL, ACCESSORIES, JACKETS/coats/pants/skirts/shirts/ UGG boots, HANDBAGS, and more. We make you look good by treating your leather and suede garmets with “kid gloves.” In fact, we clean and renew those too!

Tapestries, Area Rugs, Drapes & Comforters

Who can instill new life in your old favorites? Sylvia can!

At Sylvia’s we love a challenge, and we know that bad things can happen to good material. Part of our commitment to the planet is to help people preserve and restore favorite household materials to save them from the landfill. Bring us your worn wool area rugs, your dusty drapes and tired tapestries and we’ll assess their capability for new life. Then we’ll gently nurse them back to health.