Price List

We offer exceptionally competitive pricing and work hard to make it convenient to use our services.

Our prices include pick-up and delivery in the entire metropolitan Detroit area. We don’t charge anything extra for picking up and delivering your clothes. We will also deliver them the next day at no additional charge. Just put a note on the inside of your bag to let us know. Thank you!


Laundered Shirts

$2.25 (available in No Starch, Light,
Medium, and Heavy)

Men’s Dress Shirts

$6.25 (shirts that are silk, linen, and have
snap buttons and/or special detailing)





Suits (Men’s & Women’s)





Start at $11.99*





Golf Shirts






* These are base prices for garments.  Items will receive an up charged based on material (such as silk, velvet & cashmere), extra detailing (fancy buttons, beading), extra lining in pants and skirts, pleating on skirts and dresses.  Additional charges reflect the extra amount of time that will be needed for cleaning and pressing.

These are just some of our prices and items, but we also do comforters, rugs, leather, wedding dresses, shoes and more!

Contact us today to learn more about our services and pricing.